Below is a list of answers to my most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please visit the contact page.

What about my personal data and the new GDPR Privacy Policy laws in effect from May 25th 2018?

We strive to make sure all GDPR laws are abided by. You can find our up to date Privacy Policy HERE

How do I know this isn’t a scam? I’ve been stung by fake pages before. If the info is that good, why charge for it when you can just bet on it yourself?

I do bet on it myself! I place bets on every bit of info I am given. I just do not like bookmakers. I have seen first hand how corrupt they are and how they operate with pay offs for horses to lose on track etc. The average punter never stands a chance, so I like to put the punter on a level playing field due to my distain towards the corrupt bookies. I am sure you don’t work for free and neither do I. £30 a month works out to around 90p a day.

Do you have a spreadsheet with profit/loss?

No. For two reasons.

  1. ANYONE can make up a spreadsheet with profit and loss. I could send you a spreadsheet with thousands of winners on it but how would you know it was true? Which brings me onto….
  2. A false profit spreadsheet is the common trick of many of the ‘scam’ sites out there. They often lure people in with made up nonsense about being ‘100 points in profit’ when really they are not. They are just as bad as the bookies. I like to distance myself from these scam sites and types of people.

Do you give a free trial? ‘Just give me one tip and I promise I will join’

No. For the simple reason that I feel it is disrespectful to current paid members. You often see the big brands (I won’t mention names!) get customers in, start offering better deals to new customers and forget about current customers. Not here. I respect my members, old and new, just like I would if you were a member.


How do I receive the information and what time is it sent?

All information is sent without fail via email. It is also posted in the Facebook private group (You can find it under pinned post at the top of the group page). Info is posted every evening to enable you to get the best prices. Occasionally, the info may be posted early morning. Rest assured, you will always receive the info in plenty of time before the races start.

What odds are the horses you send? I bet they are all short priced favourites!

Not at all. The odds of the horses vary. I have given members information on 25/1 winners to 2/1 winners. Please feel free to check some member feedback and see some winning slips in the Bookie Smacker’s Club.

What is the private group?

The private group is a secret group on Facebook that members are added to if they wish. It is completely optional. The private group contains the information I send out on email everyday and the guide on how to bet correctly. The private group also contains the following sections at various times;

‘Members Info’ – This is a section where members can post any information they may have received from contacts in the know. A fair few members are in syndicates and know jockeys/stables too. A good few winners are provided everyday in this section.

‘Football’ – The Football thread is constantly alive with bets on all Football matches throughout the day and night. Anything from accas to in play bets, you will find it all here.

‘Boxing’ – All big and small fights are covered in detail with advised bets for each fight.

‘Banter thread’ – A place for all members to relax, share some fancies and have a good old chat/laugh along the way.

All this is in the private group, along with a Golf, Tennis and a Rugby section depending on events.

Does the private group cost extra?

No. The private group is included with whichever duration of membership you choose.

How do I gain access to the private group?

Once you have become a member, you will receive a confirmation email which contains a link to the private group on Facebook. All you need is a Facebook account and you are good to go.

How can I pay and is it safe?

You can pay through Paypal or by card. It is all 100% secure and encrypted.

Are there any recurring payments or contracts/direct debits?

None at all. I don’t believe in direct debits or contracts. When your membership is expiring, you will receive a reminder email and if you choose to renew, you simply sign up as you did before. If you choose not to renew, no problem at all. Your membership expires, the information stops and at worst, you will have became a smarter gambler! There are no commitments.

How do I join?

Becoming a member is easy. Simple click on membership and choose your preferred membership option.

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